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Pyburn & Odom MCA through the years has completed hundreds of public works and municipal projects. Today, our multidiscipline design groups perform these services on many different types of projects for Federal, State, and local agencies, and private clients as well.


Pyburn & Odom MCA has deep experience in the evaluation and design of drainage, storm water, and flood control systems. The evaluation of flooding and drainage problems and the design of systems to facilitate better drainage involves the application of hydrologic and hydraulic engineering principles. Typical disciplines include surface hydrology, groundwater, hydraulic engineering, sediment and rivers, erosion control, water supply, and collection and disposal. The firm also has designed or evaluated dozens of drainage structures associated with highways, roads, and streets; flood control channels; storm water conveyance and groundwater interception systems.

Pyburn & Odom MCA has conducted numerous studies of potential and historical flooding scenarios, including flood insurance studies for the FEMA, floodplain analyses for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and flooding from ground floor seepage resulting from groundwater pressure flow during high stages on the Mississippi River. Other studies examined sediment transport as related to the design of dams and the installation of pipeline river crossings. Additionally, hydrologic and hydraulic design services were furnished for approximately 150 erosion control drop inlet structures as part of a basin-wide erosion control project in the Yazoo River Basin for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA is experienced in the evaluation and design of highways, roads, and bridges having performed services for federal, state, and local governments, as well as private clients. Our services include alignment and right-of-way surveys, feasibility and alternate route studies, environmental assessments, intersection traffic analysis, evaluation and design of drainage structures, preparation of roadway and bridge plans, cost estimating, bidding documents and contract administration, and construction inspections. Rural projects include two-lane roadways with asphaltic concrete pavement, open ditch drainage with large diameter (84 inch) cross drains with headwalls. Pyburn & Odom MCA's experience includes the design of pile-supported, slab-span bridges for the LA DOTD - Office of Highways, as well as large reinforced concrete box drainage structures. Additionally, we have designed and provided inspection services for the construction of precast concrete girder bridges with the special loading requirements associated with access to nuclear power plants. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA has designed urban and collector streets in accordance with the standards for the State of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development - Office of Highways and the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Government. Projects included curb and gutter streets with subsurface drainage systems for two, four, and five lane projects. Examples of recent street projects completed by the firm are Corporate Boulevard located in Baton Rouge, Mahaffey Road in Port Allen, Group Streets in Baton Rouge, and Bluebonnet Road widening in Baton Rouge, Northline Road & Wilson Road in West Baton Rouge Parish.


Water systems designed by Pyburn & Odom MCA include the mains and distribution systems for the Ports of Natchitoches and Baton Rouge. Recently, the City of Rosedale, Louisiana employed the firm to design an expansion of its water fire main systems. Pyburn & Odom MCA was also the lead engineer in the recent upgrade of the sewage treatment plant and outfall for the Town of White Castle, Louisiana. Additionally, the firm also played a major role in the upgrade of the Marrero Waste Water Treatment Plant from 20 MGD to 70 MGD capacity. 


The electrical utilities serving the Greater Baton Rouge Port including primary and secondary distribution systems with MCC’s and switchgear buildings were among many similar projects designed by the firm. Recent upgrades to the Cargill Grain Elevator systems were also designed by Pyburn & Odom MCA. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA as the principal engineer for the recreational park and comp site facilities for the Toledo Bend Reservoir at the time of its initial development.  The State of Louisiana employed Pyburn & Odom MCA to provide professional services. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA has conducted many feasibility studies for a myriad of different projects, including the development of commercial, industrial, environmental and coastal projects. Examples of these types of studies have been conducted for oil and gas pipeline companies, the Corps of Engineers, and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. 


Construction management is a long-standing service Pyburn & Odom MCA has provided its clients, especially in connection with construction of engineering designs which the firm has developed. Services for construction management can be tailored to suit the special needs of each project, regardless of complexity and scope. Particular emphasis is placed on quality control in all aspects of construction management to ensure the constructed project meets all requirements. 

Typical services include land, property, and water surveys; right-of-way services; construction layout; resident project representation; coordination of testing services; site visits and observation of construction; construction contract administration including substitutions, change orders, inspections and tests, disputes, applications for payment, inspections, acceptance, and close-out; and any special services necessary. Recent projects include the TransMontaigne Dock in Port Hudson, La., and the Transit Sheds at the Greater Baton Rouge Port.


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