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An integral part of the firm’s total capabilities is land surveying. For over 50 years, beginning with pipeline right-of-ways and alignments, Pyburn & Odom MCA has maintained a high profile with regard to all types of land surveys and maintains a highly trained, well developed and fully equipped survey department including additional capabilities in real estate and property acquisition. Pyburn & Odom MCA is currently one of the largest surveying companies in the U.S. with contract backlogs in excess of $12,000,000.00.


Pyburn & Odom MCA is a leader in the gathering and processing of topographic survey data. Topographic surveys are performed on a daily basis for numerous clients including local, state, and federal agencies. We consistently perform topographic surveys throughout the southeastern United States. Our crews are equipped with conventional total stations/data collectors and have access, as needed, to our Trimble Real Time Kinematic topographic survey (satellite receiver) systems. Our projects have ranged in size from a backyard landscape survey to detailed topographic survey of entire watersheds. We are considered to be experts in matching hydrographic survey data with the related topographic features. Our survey parties are furnished with notebook/laptop computers capable of graphically viewing the days work before electronically transmitting the data to our home office for final QA/QC and mapping. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA, during its 53-year history as a surveying and engineering firm has performed thousands of cadastral surveys ranging in size from the individual lot to large industrial plant sites. Our responsibility as land surveyors has included courthouse research for current and ancient property description and plats. We have performed navigability studies for the Louisiana Department of Justice for the determination of property ownership and mineral rights, and restoration of lost or obliterated section corners across south Louisiana in connection with the Department of Energy’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve project. 


Many Pyburn & Odom MCA survey hours are spent gathering the necessary information to determine private property lines and boundary lines along lands belonging to the federal government. Federal lines are controlled by published data furnished by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our projects have included retracing the original U.S. Land Survey, obtaining information that would eventually resolve land disputes, property sub-division, clearing and painting boundary lines, monument replacement, and establishing new monuments. In addition to the actual surveying effort, we also offer the services of our expert abstractors and professional land surveyors. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA has surveyed and prepared thousands of preliminary and final right-of-way alignment sheets and individual landowner right-of-way plats. Our responsibility as land surveyors has included courthouse research to obtain ancient property descriptions and plats in an effort to better serve our clients. Thousands of tracts on parcels of land have been surveyed along rivers and streams from the Rio Grande River in south Texas to the New York Harbor in New York, New York. Pyburn & Odom MCA was also responsible for the initial alignment sheet, right-of-way acquisition plats, and descriptions for the Department of Energy’s Strategic Petroleum project in south Louisiana and south Texas. 


Pyburn & Odom MCA’s surveyors routinely perform alignment surveys at numerous sites including locks, dams, pumping stations, bridges, trestles, flood gates, and docking facilities. Serving the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on related projects during the past 53 years has provided our team with the expertise required which enables our clients throughout the Southeastern United States to monitor and detect structure movement before the crisis occurs. Our private industry neighbors along the Mississippi River often call upon our firm to provide alignment surveys at their port facilities where both man and nature can create overnight structural movement. Our crews can be at your location within 24 hours of your request for surveys, our results are available at your project site as they are observed. 


Our surveying services include support during all phases of construction; We’re with you from start to finish. Pyburn & Odom MCA is recognized as leaders in pipeline crossing design and construction surveys. Since our founding, we have provided the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers services for before, during, and post construction surveys on projects which have included revetment placement on the Mississippi River, federal facilities, levee enlargements, hurricane protection levees, pumping stations, infrastructures, channel enlargements, roadways, dikes, and beach restoration. Our safety record during the construction phase has always received the praise of our clients. 


The Geographic Information System (GIS) developed by Pyburn & Odom MCA, for small towns and cities, allows engineers to plot a digital stream of information on a computer map, of a particular geographic area for a wide array of purposes, including master planning; operations and maintenance; zoning and tax assessment; and emergency response. A computer map, unlike conventional paper, can be a source of unlimited information wherein an entire city could be plotted with an endless supply of visible data with each click on the screen. 

Municipal, county, and parish tax assessors have used the Pyburn & Odom MCA GIS and support team to develop numerous overlays complete with attributes for taxable entities within water districts, sewer districts, school boards, and townships. The GIS allows the tax assessor to develop overlays to multiple systems and districts with detailed attributes providing up-to-date historical, technical, and background data.


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