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Pyburn & Odom MCA has supported industrial clients in civil, civil/structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Civil engineering projects have included site selection and layout, design of site drainage and storm water retention ponds, and design of roads and rail spurs. Structural design has included building and machinery foundations, and marine docks and moorings. Mechanical design has included dock piping and metering systems; tank farm layout; tank farm piping, hoisting and handling systems; building design; plumbing; HVAC; and fire protection systems. Electrical engineering has included electrical load analysis, design of incoming power, transformation, distribution, and lighting.


Pyburn & Odom MCA is an approved and experienced U.S. Coast Guard certifying entity for the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) emissions from vessels which carry oil and chemicals in bulk. The U. S. Coast Guard has adopted regulations for the design, certification and operation of vapor control systems. Pyburn & Odom MCA has established a marine vapor control system design review team which can conduct a feasibility study to evaluate selected alternatives for the system or which can conduct certifying entity responsibilities as defined in regulations. To date, Pyburn & Odom MCA has certified over 30 projects for various clients for Coast Guard requirements. 

Pyburn & Odom MCA's many years of experience in environmental engineering coupled with a long standing history of engineering projects along the waterways, rivers, and estuaries in Louisiana is an excellent combination of disciplines in the area of marine vapor control systems.


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