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Pyburn & Odom MCA has long been the leader in the nation for the development of technology and services used in the area of hydrographic surveys. Originally, pipeline and water crossings led the firm to form the Odom Offshore Company and ultimately Odom Hydrographics, to provide services in these areas, although these spin-off companies are no longer a part of Pyburn & Odom MCA. The firmís emphasis shifted in the 80ís to inland waterways navigation and maintenance projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Pyburn & Odom MCA was the first to perform computerized, automated hydrographic revetment monitoring surveys along the Mississippi, Red, and Atchafalaya Rivers for the Corps of Engineers in both the New Orleans and Vicksburg Districts. 

Our automated hydrographic system today includes Hypack Hydrographic Software and the Odom Hydrotrack, a digital sounder with built in Global Positioning System (GPS) capable of sub-meter accuracy. Our fleet of nine cabin survey boats meet all Coast Guard requirements and are ready to be deployed to your project.


Staying on the cutting edge of satellite technology has enabled our firm to remain among the leaders in providing geographic positions along the earthís surface. Our GPS services and equipment allow us to provide our clients with all that the industry has to offer, including STATIC observation for precise baseline positioning, RAPID STATIC for routine third order control points, RTK/OTF for precise real-time horizontal and vertical data for hydrographic and topographic surveys, and DGPS using the Coast Guard Beacon System for 1 meter accuracy in obtaining horizontal positioning on land and sea. These services are being performed by our staff of trained technicians and surveyors from the Atlantic Ocean to the Houston Ship Channel. All of the above services have been performed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and private industry throughout the Southeastern United States. 


In 1994, Pyburn & Odom MCA were the first hydrographers to perform automated discharge measurements along the Mississippi and Red Rivers within the geographic boundaries of the Vicksburg District Corps of Engineers; this technology is still being used today on the project. Our equipment includes the RDI 600 ADCP and Trimble GPS and Coastal Oceanographic's "Hypack" software and hardware. Our equipment is housed on our 21 ft. cabin survey vessel which may easily be deployed to any location in the U.S. Pyburn & Odom MCA offers a full line of automated and conventional hydrographic survey equipment to meet the demands of each project.


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